Criminal Defence Solicitor, Tony Freitas, recently represented a young man charged with carrying a Stanley knife in a public place without good reason. This is a charge which gives the accused person a defence if they can show to a court that they had, as it says, a good reason for having the knife.

Tony’s client had previously leant the knife to his friend for the purposes of DIY but needed it back, as he was due to start a DIY project of his own. He lived a couple of streets away from his friend, and the only way he could transport the knife back to his own property was by hand- in this case in his coat pocket. Unfortunately, it was at this point that he was arrested.

At the trial, Tony got his client to explain the whole situation to the court, explaining why he needed the knife and most importantly that his reason for having it about his person was simply as he was in the process of transporting it back to his home address. The Judge considered the case and felt that Tony’s client’s reason for having the knife on him was a good reason. He therefore found Tony’s client not guilty.

If you have been charged or accused of a crime and need representation in Court please contact Tony or one of his team. All of the Criminal Defence Solicitors at Ringrose Law have a proven track record for successfully representing clients. For further information contact us at one of our offices in Boston, Lincoln, Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding or Newark or ask for us at the Police Station.


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