Proposals have been made that there should be a specific offence of domestic abuse that sets out that coercive and controlling behaviour in an intimate relationship is a criminal offence.

The Charity, Man Kind Initiative, believes that this offence will support male victims of domestic violence by ensuring that there is better recognition by statutory agencies and the public in general of both the existence and extent of this form of abuse on male victims.

Male victims of domestic violence are more likely to suffer from non-violent forms of partner abuse than violent forms.

Man Kind believes that the introduction of this offence would help to ensure that the “believability threshold” for male victims is at the same level as it is for female victims.

The Charity suggests that either the threat of the use of false allegations and the threat of denying contact to any children of the relationship is fully recognised as controlling and coercive behaviour. They suggest that in a situation where there is a continual breach of Parental Contact Orders this should be regarded as a form of domestic abuse.

If there is a change in the law, it is vital that all the relevant agencies fully understand that the law is equally applicable to male victims of abuse.

If you are currently a victim of domestic abuse, and need some urgent domestic abuse advice we can offer you immediate support.  In most cases we can apply to the Court for an immediate  injunction against your partner. Don’t be a victim contact us NOW on our 24hr helpline number 07872 456369

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