The owner of a Leicester care home has been fined £100,000 after a vulnerable 85-year-old resident died from serious burns. The Court heard that the resident fell in his room and became trapped between a wardrobe and a heater which resulted in serious burns. Sadly the gentleman died from his injuries eight days later.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found the pipes and valves at the home were not covered and that the company failed to assess the risks when the resident was known to be at risk of falling.

Care Home Negligence

It can be difficult for relatives to know what to do if someone has been mistreated in a care home, especially as our trust is given to the home to look after those who need it. Those who are unable to look after their own needs are vulnerable to neglect if the care is lacking and this neglect can sadly result in physical and psychological injuries. If no actual harm is done then a formal complaint may be the appropriate course of action so that the situation can be resolved, however if injuries have been sustained as a result of the neglect or mistreatment then it may be that there are grounds for bringing a claim for compensation.

At Ringrose Law, we appreciate how difficult and distressing it can be and we will support you every step of the way. We have experience of dealing with care home negligence claims and if you or a relative has suffered an injury, abuse or neglect in a care home, or as a result of poor quality care in their home we would be happy to discuss the claim with you and assess whether you have a claim to take forward.

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