We all have an untidy draw at home somewhere, or a box file perhaps with receipts and old certificates & guarantees – how important are these when you come to sell your house?

Our conveyancing teams often experience delays when dealing with sales because certain documentation has gone astray.  Whilst we appreciate you cannot keep every piece of paper, we certainly need sight of certificates and guarantees that are still valid and those that are less than 10 years old.

Prime examples of missing documentation are;

  • FENSA Certificates – for the installation of replacement windows and glazed doors.
  • GAS SAFE Compliance Certificates – for the installation of new gas appliances such as a new gas boiler.
  • BUILDING REGULATION approvals and completion certificates – for extensions and/or alterations.
  • PLANNING PERMISSIONS – for a newly built property or for a two storey or large extension.
  • GUARANTEES – for damp proofing and windows etc – these are often misplaced but generally are valid for a good number of years.

Whilst it is often (but not always) possible to obtain copies or duplicates of these documents, doing so means additional expense for the seller as well as delays whilst we await for documentation to arrive.

So, in short, when you have any work carried out to your property KEEP THE PAPERWORK in a safe place and always provide this to your Conveyancing Solicitor when you come to sell.

For further information please contact a member of the conveyancing team at Ringrose Law.

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