So you are selling your house and have been given The Seller’s Property Information Form to complete and return…where to start?

What is The Seller’s Property Information Form (TA6)?

The Seller’s Property Information Form (TA6), often shortened to the abbreviated SPIF is part of the Law Society’s National Conveyancing Protocol and must be completed by the seller or sellers of the property.

What does the form cover?

It covers issues such as:

  • Boundaries
  • Disputes and Complaints
  • Sharing with neighbours
  • Arrangements and Rights
  • Occupiers
  • Changes to the property

You must answer the SPIF carefully and honestly.  The answers given are legally binding on the seller and form part of the contract for the sale.

During the stress of a house move, it is critical that anyone selling their home understands the importance of providing accurate and honest replies to the standard questions raised by the buyers in conveyancing transactions.


Tips for completing the SPIF include:

  • Make sure you respond to every question – if any of them are not relevant to your sale or circumstances, don’t leave an empty space in the form – just put ‘Not Applicable’
  • If you do not know the answer to any of the questions in the SPIF you should answer “not known” or “not to my knowledge”. Do not leave the question blank and do not answer “no” unless you are absolutely certain that is the case. An answer of “not known” etc. is deemed to mean exactly this!
  • Write your answers clearly! If your writing is illegible, we’ll have to come back to you to clarify your replies for your buyers.
  • Don’t leave anyone off the form – let us know the details of anyone else who lives at the property with you, including a partner, children, friends etc.
  • Once completed, the form needs to be signed by all sellers and dated. If the form is several months old (for example, if your property has been on the market for some time) then a new SPIF will need to be completed or you will be asked to confirm that the answers on your form are all still accurate.


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