When considering domestic abuse most of the time people will picture a man and a woman in a relationship. Domestic Abuse can and does happen to anyone, including to people in same sex relationships.

Domestic abuse is difficult and for some people can take a lot of courage for anybody to report it and seek help. For people in same sex relationships it can sometimes be even harder to report it and ask for help. Often threats are made to tell others about a person’s sexuality as a way of controlling them or hurting them particularly, if they haven’t told friends and family members. There are also many cases of people in same sex relationships being forced by family members to marry someone of the opposite sex. This is also a form domestic abuse and should not be tolerated by anybody whether it be man or woman.

Specialist domestic abuse support services are there to help everybody and do not discriminate against anybody in particular.

Please don’t let anyone suffer domestic abuse in silence. It can become difficult for anybody suffering Domestic Abuse to speak out about what they are suffering. If you feel a friend may be at risk please do not leave them to suffer on their own. We offer a wide range of services at all of our offices around Lincolnshire and Newark to assist with anybody suffering at the hands of their partner/ husband in relation to Domestic Abuse. Emergency protective orders can be sought of necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact our domestic abuse team across Lincolnshire and Newark or call our 24 hour helpline on 07872 456369.

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