“How long will my claim take to settle?” is a question I am often asked.   Some clients have been warned against instructing a Solicitor for their personal injury claim from their friends or co-workers who have suggested to them that a solicitor will slow down settlement.   Others think that instructing a Solicitor means that their claim should settle within a few weeks.

The reality is that any given personal injury case can take anywhere from a few months to several years to settle. This is because of several important factors, including:

  • The nature and extent of the injury suffered;
  • The duration and process of recovery from injury;
  • The circumstances of the accident giving rise to the claim for the injury;
  • Whether the Defendant admits or denies liability.

In some cases, the injury suffered is minor and recovery is quick and uneventful.  In other cases, recovery might involve the client undergoing treatment or surgery.

A medical expert needs to be confident in providing an accurate future prognosis- will a full recovery be made or will there be life-long symptoms?

The opponent, usually an insurance company, also plays a crucial role in progression and duration of personal injury claims. Under relevant Personal Injury Pre-Action Protocols the opponent has between 3-8 weeks in which to admit or deny liability.  Sometimes the opponent will respond within a few days, whereas others take much longer.  Some opponents even choose to respond out of the Protocol period and can take 3 months to make a decision.

In some cases, court proceedings are necessary, which can accelerate or delay the progression of a personal injury claim.  Often straightforward personal injury cases can reach trial within 12 months of court involvement.  Some take longer due to disputes between the parties, complicated medical issues or simply because of court timetabling.

At Ringrose Law, our Personal Injury Department will act in your best interests to ensure that time limits are met and that your claim progresses as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring that the medical evidence is comprehensive and accurate.

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