13 Reasons Why is currently making waves as a much watch Netflix Original Series. But would you believe that there are at least 13 offences committed throughout the 13 episodes? Over the next 13 days I will be posting a blog about the 13 different offences I have found and what could happen should you be arrested or charged with them.

The Sentencing Council website can be found here.

  1. Theft (Theft Act 1968)

The Theft Act 1968 covers a wide range of offences. It can range from Shop Theft to Theft from an Employer. Although sometimes sentences for these types of offences can be dealt with in the Magistrates Court by way of a fine, they can be much more serious, even being allocated to the Crown Court.

If you are arrested for Theft, we would be able to represent you at the Police Station free of charge under the Advice and Assistance scheme funded by the Legal Aid Agency. You would have your chance to get across any denials or explain the situation in your own words. One of our Solicitors/Police Station Representatives would be able to request to see any CCTV footage that may or may not be available and then would be able to represent you in interview in line with your instructions.

If you are due to appear at the Magistrates Court or Crown Court in relation to a Theft matter then we would always recommend that you instruct a Solicitor to represent you. Theft, being an imprisonable offence, is one where you can be entitled to Legal Aid if you are eligible. To find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid, we would need to ascertain if you are currently receiving benefits or the details of your income.

The Magistrates/Judges have the power to sentence a Theft based offence (shop theft, theft from a person and even burglary) in many ways. You could be sentenced to a Conditional Discharge, fined or for the most serious examples you could receive a custodial sentence of up to 7 years.

If the Justices feel that it would be out of their power to Sentence you in the Magistrates Court, they would commit your case to the Crown Court for Sentencing or for Trial should you plead not guilty. The Crown Court have a much broader sentencing power and any sentence imposed would depend on if there were any aggravating features to your case. If you were to plead guilty to any offence, it is highly likely that you would receive credit for the guilty plea and a reduced sentence would be imposed.


We at Ringrose Law understand how worrying it can be if you are arrested in relation to any offence. We would always recommend that you obtain Legal Representation if you are arrested or interviewed. You are entitled to free and independent Legal advice at the Police Station.

Contact our Criminal Defence team who will be able to represent you at the Police Station on any matter, covered by the Legal Aid Agency’s Advice and Assistance Scheme. We have offices in Boston, Lincoln, Spalding, Sleaford, Grantham and Newark.


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