It has been reported (here) that thousands of criminal investigations are being re-examined after suspicions that laboratory staff tampered with forensic tests. They could include cases where defendants were convicted on evidence involving drug analysis. Approximately 6,000 blood samples are being retested after 2 scientists working for Randox Testing Services since 2014 were arrested for “manipulating data”. The company is 1 of only 6 companies licensed to carry out toxicology tests for various police forces in England and Wales.

The vast majority of cases involve drug-driving, but some more serious cases such as murder and rape may also have been affected. So far, several hundred samples have been retested, but have produced the same results as they did when first tested. Cases could be referred to the Court of Appeal, and those where key blood samples had been destroyed could result in acquittals. The 2 suspects have been questioned on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and released pending further investigation until the end of May. They apparently worked for two other forensic science companies before Randox, so it is anticipated that the investigation could be more in depth than originally thought.

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