Congratulations to the Long Bennington Parish Council, the winners of the Ringrose Law ‘A Grand Idea’ for Newark.

Long Bennington Parish Council is currently working on a project to raise funds to provide a safe place to cross a busy main road in their village, outside a primary school that has around 260 pupils. The provision of a safe place to cross will benefit the whole community, not only the school children and parents but also older residents and visitors.

Long Bennington village has a large number of HGV’s driving through the village every day, to and from the local business park, as well as every day traffic, making it a daily concern for the local residents and especially at school times.

On hearing the great news, Jane Evans, Parish Clerk at Long Bennington PC commented;

We would like to thank Ringrose Law for this opportunity and we are delighted to have won the A Grand Idea funding. We still have further to go in raising funds for the crossing and are very thankful to those who have supported us so far. This donation will give the Parish Council and local community a drive and determination to continue with the fundraising until a crossing is in place.”

The project ‘A Grand Idea’, was first launched 2013 and has proven to be extremely popular since.

Alex Bennett, Marketing Manager at Ringrose Law comments;

“We had a fantastic list of entries across Newark and surrounding villages, all such very worthy causes. After short listing the top five projects we opened up a public vote for the five finalists. We are delighted Long Bennington Parish Council won and hope that the money really help towards the project.”

Ringrose Law has long supported the local community and given to charity; “We are always keen to engage with the community whenever we can and support a wide variety of sports teams, charities and local community projects across Lincolnshire and Newark.

This year we really want to make an impact in our community and leave a lasting legacy which will benefit lots of people for years to come. A Grand Idea offers every local project, however big or small, the chance to enter into this fantastic opportunity of winning £1,000.”

A Grand Idea will be continuing into 2017/18. If any community project or charity would like to send an application in go to for further information.

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