At Ringrose Law we have a large Domestic Abuse team across Lincolnshire and Newark.

In the field of domestic abuse, you are likely to come across the term MARAC; but what does this actually mean?

What does it stand for?

A MARAC is a Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference. This means it is victim focused meeting between several different agencies, to discuss high risk domestic abuse cases. Suitable support services will be identified for all the individuals involved in the case: the victim, perpetrator and any children of the family.

Who is involved?

The Agencies involved will depend on the individual case, as only those who are needed to play a role in the safety of the victim (and any children in the family) should be invited to attend. The victim and perpetrator are NOT present during the meetings. The Agencies who may be invited include:

  • Police
  • Social Workers
  • Health Representatives
  • Education Representatives
  • Independent Domestic Abuse Organisations, such as EDAN

A referral can be made from any of these agencies, if they believe a victim of domestic abuse is at high risk.

What is the purpose?

There are several aims during a MARAC:

  • To improve information sharing
  • To increase the safety of victims (and any children in the family)
  • To compile a risk assessment and determine any appropriate referrals or support required by the victim, children or the perpetrator
  • To reduce repeat victimisation
  • To promote accountability of agencies

At Ringrose Law we have a large Domestic Abuse team across Lincolnshire and Newark.

Nichola Skayman heads up the Domestic Violence & Abuse team across Ringrose Law and has worked on high profile cases in Lincolnshire, worked with local authority, Care and Domestic Abuse cases, issued out of county and worked for the High Court in London. Nichola is particularly passionate about Domestic Violence work and establishes a really good rapport with her clients. Nichola has nearly 15 years experience dealing with Domestic Abuse clients and is one of best Case Workers in Lincolnshire for Domestic Abuse.

Whatever your situation we can provide immediate support and advice to you. We have vast experience in dealing with these matters, so please do not hesitate to contact us today for help. Don’t be a victim contact us NOW on our 24hr helpline number 07739 748675.

We are proud to be accredited by Resolution as a Specialist in the areas of Private Children Law and Domestic Violence.


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