Anna Wilson, Solicitor in the Medical Negligence team at Ringrose Law recently acted for a client who had received negligent care from the NHS.

The Claimant experienced loin pain which was investigated by the NHS. The investigations revealed renal stones within her kidneys. Before any steps could be taken to treat the renal stones, the claimant was diagnosed with a cervical tumour. Treatment commenced shortly after and the Claimant was clear of cancer in approximately February 2016.

It was not until the Summer of 2016 that the Claimant started to have a pain in the right side of her abdomen, blood in her urine and increase in frequency of urination.

A CT scan was carried out which revealed a kidney stone that impacted in the proximal right ureter.

Despite being under the care of urologists, opportunities were missed to carry out scans which are used to assess kidney function.

By the time the scans were undertaken, the Claimants kidney had very poor function and was left in a position where she needed to undergo a nephrectomy. A nephrectomy is a procedure where the kidney is removed.

The Claimant contacted Anna at this point, to act on her behalf, to bring a claim. A letter of claim was sent to the Trust involved with the Claimant’s care. The letter of claim listed all the allegations and the effect that the failure to perform a scan had upon the Claimant. This resulted in an admission of liability from the Trust.

Considering the Judicial College Guidelines, relevant case law and costs incurred by the Claimant, settlement negotiations were entered into with the Trust. The Claimant subsequently decided to accept an offer in the sum of £50,000 in full and final settlement of the claim.

In addition to settlement, the Claimant received an apology from the Trust. The Claimant was also reassured and was able to discuss with her own expert urologist about future implications.

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