Today marks day eleven of 2021’s 16 days of action against Domestic Abuse. Anybody can be a victim, anybody can access help. The team at Ringrose Law are available to guide you through the process so please contact us.

Domestic abuse is not a heterosexual issue.

Domestic abuse is not present in only straight relationships.

Domestic abuse does not discriminate.

Domestic abuse is causing a current epidemic amongst the LGBTQ+ community.

The LGBTQ+ community are currently dealing with a historical ignorance around violence, a silence based entirely on fear, misinformation and poor public opinions.

Domestic abuse can happen in any relationship. There is no difference between straight and same-sex relationships. Domestic abuse can include many different acts (including but not limited to physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, financial and controlling behaviour) – not of these acts are specific to one gender. There is no element of age, marital status or sexual orientation that affects this on a deeper level.

The idea that a woman can be the one who is the abuser throws a wrench in the traditional view of society” but it doesn’t mean this is abuse is not real and is not happening.

The 2013 study by Breiding et al identified that 50% of gay men and almost 75% of lesbian women had reported psychological abuse. Clearly in 2021, these statistics will have increased and so much more needs to be considered.

There are very specific techniques and methods of abuse used in LGBTQ+ relationships and these can be easily masked in other ways. If you think you have suffered any of these, please contact us:

  1. Outing used to control an individual
  2. Bullying/hate crime used as a psychological trigger of an individual
  3. Using jealousy and their own paranoia as a blame technique with a bisexual partner
  4. Use of offensive pronouns (‘it’ for example)
  5. Ridiculing an individual’s body during transition

Domestic abuse is not limited to heterosexual relationships and there are distinctive barriers affecting the LGBTQ+ community which need addressing.

There is still a very long way to go in tackling this silent issue, particularly with how agencies and referring systems operate. Please don’t suffer in silence. The Team at Ringrose Law can help and understand the nuances that could impact the reporting of domestic abuse in specific relationships.

Please call 01522 561020 or email for more information.

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