Lauren Kerse, Medical Negligence Solicitor at Ringrose Law recently acted for the widow of Mr B concerning her husband’s death as a result of a failure to provide appropriate diabetic sick day advice.

Lauren Kerse - Medical Negligence Solicitor

Lauren Kerse – Medical Negligence Solicitor

The matter itself was complicated, as Mr B had suffered from a posterior cerebral stroke which caused him to suffer from vertigo and nausea. Unfortunately, Mr B, as a result of his nausea and vertigo had not taken his insulin medication which he required for his diabetes.

Mrs B, on his behalf, contacted his GP surgery and asked for a home visit due to concern about him not taking his insulin. During this home visit, the GP unfortunately failed to provide appropriate sick day advice with regard to the management of a diabetic patient whilst ill. As a result, Mr B did not take his insulin medication which was required to manage his diabetes while he was ill. Not taking his insulin caused him to suffer from hyperglycaemia causing a further stroke which then affected his mobility and ability to communicate. Mr B then required 24-hour nursing care which would have been avoided if the appropriate advice on managing his diabetes during his illness had been given. Unfortunately, Mr B died 9 months after the failure to provide appropriate advice as a result of the complications of the stroke.

Successful Clinical Negligence Claim

Although nothing could properly compensate Mr B’s family for their loss, Lauren was able to argue successfully that there had been negligence and a failure to provide appropriate advice.

This was a complicated matter which involved a variety of experts, including a GP expert on breach of duty, diabetologist on causation, as well as a stroke physician on causation and condition and prognosis. After service of the claim, we were able to have a round table meeting with the defendants and were able to reach an agreement to settle the claim in the amount of £140,000.

The settlement was able to be achieved prior to the defence being submitted avoiding any lengthy Court proceedings for the widow.

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