Selling a property – documents you need to sign

What do I have to sign?

  • You will have to sign the contract and the transfer deed (TR1)

What is the contract?

  • The contract details the particulars of the sale (yours and your buyer’s names, agreed price you are selling for, title number, property address in full etc).  Your buyer’s solicitors will have approved the contract by the time we ask you to sign the contract so the particulars of the contract will have been agreed by this stage.
  • The contract needs to be signed by yourself but does not need to be witnessed.
  • Your buyers will also sign a copy of the contract around the same time you sign yours.
  • We will need the contract signed because we use it to exchange contracts with your buyer’s solicitors to set the completion date in stone.

What is the transfer deed?

  • The transfer deed is the document that passes legal ownership from yourself to your buyer and is also known as the TR1 form.
  • It is a standard Land Registry deed.
  • Unlike the contract, the transfer deed will need to be signed and witnessed by a witness who is over the age of 18 years old and unrelated to you.
  • We need the transfer deed because after completion we send it to your buyer’s solicitors.  Your buyer’s solicitors need to send it to the Land Registry to register the property into your buyer’s name.

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