Going for lunch may seem an easy day to day task for most people. However, when you have a disability, accessibility issues can make it an impossible task. This is the reality of what our client was faced with when trying to go to Leon Restaurants Limited for lunch.

On the 26th October 2022 our client and her friend were simply trying to go to a Leon restaurant in London for lunch however the restaurant had a step at the entrance.  As our client is a wheelchair user a ramp was requested however the staff confirmed they did not have one, that there was no alternative access and they failed to offer an alternative service. This resulted in our client being left at the doorway feeling embarrassed and disappointed that her lunch plans had been ruined.

As Leon Restaurants Ltd is a service providing food and beverages it falls within Section 29 of the Equality Act 2010 meaning it is obliged to comply with the provisions of Section 29 including the obligation to make reasonable adjustments. In failing to provide a ramp, alternative access or alternative service Leon failed to make reasonable adjustments to allow our client to access this service and therefore resulted in disability discrimination.

Our discrimination team brought a case against Leon for the above failings, the case settled awarding our client £1,600. Leon made an apology, and a ramp has now been installed at this location ensuring suitable access.

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