Ringrose Law proudly announces the strategic growth of its Equality and Discrimination Department, reflecting the firm’s deep commitment to championing equality and challenging discrimination in all its forms.

Earlier this year, Carrie Clewes, a seasoned advocate with over a decade of experience, was appointed as Head of the Equality and Discrimination Department. This specialised area of law, with limited experts in the field nationally, addresses discrimination across various facets, including race, age, gender, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, religion, belief, and disability as outlined in the Equality Act 2010.

Carrie’s extensive background includes representing individuals who have encountered discrimination from service providers, local authorities, healthcare entities, and educational institutions. With a steadfast resolve to drive positive change in accessibility and inclusion, Carrie has been instrumental in securing both societal reforms and compensation for her clients.

Handling an array of cases, from disability to race discrimination, Carrie’s expertise has significantly contributed to the department’s momentum since joining Ringrose Law in February.

The summer saw the welcomed addition of Catherine Drake, previously part of the Mental Health department. As a Trainee Solicitor, Catherine brings invaluable insights into client advocacy, case management, and the intricacies of discrimination law. Her proactive engagement in (community education?) underscores the firm’s dedication to promoting awareness of legal rights under the Equality Act 2010.

The team’s expertise was further bolstered by the arrival of Zoe Connolly last month, who brings her paralegal acumen to the forefront of this dynamic team.

As the department forges ahead, the importance of disseminating knowledge about equality and discrimination remains paramount. The team at Ringrose Law is driven by a dual mission: fostering an environment of education that propels societal change whilst securing rightful compensation for their clients who have been subjected to discrimination

Carrie comments, “For us, it’s not merely about the compensation. It’s about enlightening communities on the impact of discrimination and the additional needs of those with disabilities when accessing services. We strive to be catalysts for change, advocating for behaviour that precludes future discrimination and nurtures an inclusive society.”

Ringrose Law invites media inquiries and public engagement as it continues to lead the charge against discrimination and for the rights of all individuals.

For further information, please contact: 01522 561072 or 07798 905284

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