For many, the ringing in of the New Year signals a fresh start, but for some couples, it can mean the end of their relationship. The first working day of the New Year has become known in the media as “Divorce Day,” a time when our Family Team at Ringrose Law observes a notable increase in inquiries about separation and divorce.

This trend often arises because couples who have decided to separate choose to delay their decision until after the Christmas season to avoid upsetting children and family members. The festive season, with its unique pressures – financial strains, the pursuit of a perfect family image, and amplified existing tensions – can often bring underlying issues to a head, leading to decisions to divorce or separate immediately after the holidays.

At Ringrose Law, we understand the pressures families face, especially during the Christmas period. From the financial burdens of gift-giving and mounting credit card bills to the stresses of preparing the Christmas dinner, these factors can contribute to the surge in calls to divorce lawyers in early January.

However, it’s important to note that the first call about divorce in January does not always lead to immediate legal action. Many times, a conversation with our understanding and sympathetic family lawyers leads to a cooling-off period and time for reflection.

The introduction of the ‘no-fault divorce law’ has brought significant changes to the divorce process, allowing couples to separate without assigning blame. This can be a more amicable approach, reducing conflict and facilitating a smoother transition for all involved, especially when children are affected.

For those who are already separated or divorced, the festive period can be particularly challenging. If you are struggling with issues related to child access over Christmas, we encourage you to visit our free clinic or book a full personal consultation. Our team is dedicated to helping you resolve disputes amicably and reach agreements that allow you to spend quality time with your children.

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