In the modern world, technology is a huge part of all of our lives, it is how we stay connected. However, technology can sadly also be used to as a tool to abuse people, to control and to overwhelm them, and as technology is becoming more popular in the modern world, this form of abuse is becoming more common too.

Some examples of tech abuse that you should be aware of and look out for are:

  • Monitoring your social media
  • Having access to your phone, email account and/or social media accounts.
  • Having access to your online banking accounts.
  • Not allowing you to have access to technology, such as a phone, or internet access
  • Using cameras or spyware to watch you or listen to your conversations
  • Using GPS locators or tracking apps on your phone to locate you
  • Constantly contacting you through text, calls, email and/or social media
  • Using smart home devices to harass you

If you think technology is being used against you, this is a form of domestic abuse and we at Ringrose Law are here to support you. You have the right to be safe and protected, online and in real life. You have a right to privacy and have the right to live free from abuse and fear, and to be able to use technology to safely connect with others.

If you feel you are a victim of domestic abuse, please do not hesitate to reach out on any of the contact numbers provided below to access the help, support and protection that you deserve.

Here at Ringrose Law, we offer a 24-Hour Domestic Abuse Helpline on 07739 748675. Alternatively, you can email to access the support you need.

National Centre for Domestic Violence: 0800 970 2070 or alternatively text “NCDV” to 60777.

Lincolnshire Police: 101 or 999 in an emergency


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