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Drink Driving Law

Drink Driving Law

The Ringrose Law motoring team can assist individuals with charges relating to drink driving law.

There are several offences that can be lumped together as “drink driving.” Different penalties apply, and the prosecution has to prove different things. However, they are all similar in that the consequences for the driver are catastrophic, and will normally result in disqualification from driving.

It is therefore essential that you receive expert advice from our specialist Motoring Defence Team in Lincolnshire as soon as possible.

What is driving with excess alcohol?

Drink driving is in general terms any of the following;

  • Driving while over the alcohol limit
  • Attempting to drive while over the limit
  • Being in charge of a vehicle while over the limit

Other similar offences include;

  • Failing to provide a specimen of breath, blood or urine when required to do so
  • Failing to provide such a specimen when in charge of a vehicle

Each offence has different requirements that need to be proved, and each offence has different defences available.

What are the current drink driving limits?

The current drink driving law limits in the UK are;

  • 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 ml of breath
  • 80mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood
  • 107mg of alcohol in 100 ml of urine

The higher the level of the reading, the worse the penalty, if you are convicted.

What happens if you fail a roadside breath test?

A police officer can perform a roadside breath test if they suspect that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. If this provides a positive reading then you will be arrested and taken to a police station for further investigation.

If you are charged with drink driving you will be required to go to court and the prosecution will have to prove that you were driving with excess alcohol in your breath, urine or blood.

Pleading guilty to drink driving

If you are convicted of driving with excess alcohol law the minimum penalty is a 12 month disqualification and a fine. However the courts will frequently impose much longer driving bans and send people to prison for high readings or repeat offenders.

There are also other consequences to receiving a drink driving conviction such as higher insurance premiums. Alternatively you could attend a drink drive rehabilitation course in the hope of reducing the ban. Sometimes, you could be required to undergo a medical examination before you can drive again.

We can help

If you have been convicted under the drink driving law you need to contact our expert motoring defence team. Call 0845 601 2664 to speak with a member of our team.

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    Legal Aid for motoring offences is available for more serious offences. It is available for anyone being dealt with at the Crown Court, and for more serious matters at the Magistrates’ Court. Advice at police stations is always covered. We can advise you whether you will be entitled to Legal Aid if you get in touch with one of our advisors.

    If you are charged or summonsed with an offence then you will normally have to go to court. It is sometimes possible to have cases dealt with in your absence, but whether this is advisable is another matter. Please contact us for advice.

    The time it takes for cases to be dealt with varies enormously, often depending on the seriousness of the offence. It is impossible to generalise, but our advisors have years of experience and will be able to assist with this question.

    We have a team of experienced and highly qualified solicitors available at offices throughout Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. We regularly travel much further afield to represent our clients. In our experience, you can find so-called experts on the internet. They will promise the earth and charge you a fortune. However, they will probably instruct a solicitor with no real interest in you or your case to do the court work. Here at Ringrose Law , we do all our own court work, and you will be told from the start who will be looking after your case so you will have one point of contact.

    Court proceedings are normally open to the press who can report most cases. There are exceptions to this, for example if children are involved. We can advise on your particular circumstances if you get in touch.

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