Placement Order for Adoption

A Placement Order for Adoption is when a Court authorises for a child to be placed into adoption, in order to protect the child’s safety and welfare.

A Placement Order for Adoption can only be made in relation to a child who is subject of a Care Order or, where the threshold criteria for a Care Order are satisfied or, where there is no parent or guardian to care for the child.

I am the parent/guardian of the child?

If there is a parent or guardian then the Court must be satisfied that they have consented to their child being placed for adoption.

The Courts cannot make a Placement Order unless an effort has been made to notify the parent / guardian who has Parental Responsibility.

If you consent to your child being adopted then this is known as ‘Placement by Consent’ and therefore does not involve a Placement Order for Adoption.

How long does a Placement Order for Adoption last?

A Placement Order for Adoption lasts until it is revoked or until an Adoption Order is made. If neither of these is the case the Order will last until the child turns 18 years old or enters a Marriage or Civil Partnership.

Will I still be able to maintain contact with my child if a Placement Order for Adoption is granted by the Courts?

Once a child has been placed for adoption and matched to a suitable family, the Court will then make an Adoption Order.

An Adoption Order means that the child has all their legal ties to their birth family cut. Parental responsibility is transferred to the child’s new family, and assuming all rights and responsibilities as if they were born from their new adoptive parents, the child can even change their name.
Often children maintain some contact with members of their birth family once they are adopted.

The Court will decide if and what type of contact should continue, at all times taking into consideration the child’s safety and welfare. The view of the adoptive parents will also be taken into consideration.

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