Debt Recovery and Enforcement

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If a business has not paid for the services or products it provides or supplies, it can run into problems quickly. To ensure that you are able to trade and expand, it is crucial that debts are collected efficiently. We understand that we must act quickly to collect debts owed to you.

Getting your debtors to pay their bills can be difficult and time consuming but it is a task all businesses have to confront at some point

Debt Recovery

At Ringrose Law, we understand our clients’ businesses and the need to ensure well managed cash flow, which is why we offer a Debt Recovery Letter.

In the unlikely event our Debt Recovery Letter fails to elicit payment our expert team of lawyers will guide you through the Court Process from issuing proceedings to enforcement of any County Court Judgment. We may be able to offer no win, no fee funding terms or fixed fees (including our Smalls Claims Court Scheme) to allow you to recover your debts cost effectively.

Our Solicitors can also advise you on;

  • County Court Proceedings
  • Enforcement
  • Warrant of Execution (and High Court Enforcement)
  • Attachment to Earnings Order
  • Third Party Debt Order
  • Charging Orders
  • Statutory Demands
  • Corporate Insolvency / Winding Up
  • Individual Insolvency / Bankruptcy

We can help

For help and advice about Debt Recovery and Enforcement please contact us today. An initial telephone call to one of our lawyers will cost you nothing. We are committed to discussing with our clients all funding options, further details of which are noted on our Civil Dispute Resolution homepage.

For further information contact our team today at our offices across Lincolnshire and Newark, in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Newark, Sleaford and Spalding.

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