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Don’t worry! This fees calculator is simple and straight-forward. In an instant, you’ll know how affordable it’ll be to buy, or sell, a property through Ringrose Law. Just fill in a few bits of information, such as the purchase price and property characteristics, you’ll be emailed a full quote.


Please Note: If you do not provide a valid phone number and email we will not be able to send your quote and password.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Convey Quote Online

How does the conveyancing fees calculator work?

The conveyancing calculator gives you a fast quote for your residential property transaction. Whether you are buying a property, selling your home or re-mortgage a house we can provide you with an instant quote.


What information do I need to get my online conveyancing quote?

Simply fill in the form above. You will receive a quote on the screen and a copy will be sent to your email address. You can instruct us to act for you by simply accepting the quote from your email.


Are there any hidden costs?

The quote details all the costs expected from your property transaction. This also includes any disbursements and legal work. If the information you have provided us is incorrect this may affect the quote, but a member of the team can explain this to you.


What are disbursements?

These are the out-of-pocket expenses and service charges that we make on your behalf. For example, search fees, land registry fees, stamp duty land tax. These are all included in your final quote and are not part of your legal fees.


I have a question about my quote can I speak to someone?

We have a dedicated quotes team who can help you with any questions or queries. You can contact them by simply emailing propertyquotes@ringroselaw.co.uk or calling 0333 3580545


How do I instruct Ringrose Law to act for my conveyancing transaction?

Simply go to your email and instruct us from the email, this will automatically send an instruction to our team who will begin working on your transaction.


Can I speak to someone at Ringrose Law about my case?

Once you instruct us to act on your behalf you will be provided details of your team, this will include direct dials and emails so you can speak to your team about any questions or concerns you may have.


Why choose Ringrose Law?

We’ve been helping people moving homes for over 100 years. Our friendly team of property law and conveyancing solicitors are experts in property transactions when it comes to buying and selling a house and will make the process as simple as possible.

We offer a personalised, high-quality conveyancing legal advice to help you buy or sell a property efficiently without any stress.

We are accredited to the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme, demonstrating our dedication to providing excellent client care and the best service to all our clients.


No sale no fee? Really?

Yes really! In domestic conveyancing, if your move falls through because of reasons out of your control we will not charge for our services. You will only have to pay out of pocket expenses.

The agencies that provide information make charges that we have to pass on to you (disbursements) however, we will not charge any of our fees if the purchase or sale does not proceed.


What doesn’t the calculator include?

The conveyancing calculator won’t calculate anything related to the costs to move or any charges from additional parties (such as your mortgage lender or estate agents) other than those listed in the disbursements.