Motoring Offences

Speeding Offence

Speeding Offence

More drivers are prosecuted for a Speeding Offence than for any other motoring offence. Drivers can be dealt with in several ways:

  • Fixed Penalty – A fixed penalty will normally be offered to drivers exceeding the speed limit, but not so excessively that they should go to court. If accepted the driver will receive three points on their driving licence, and a £60 fine.
  • Speed Awareness Course – Some police forces offer speeding drivers the chance to attend a speed awareness course. The driver has to pay themselves, and the cost is generally around £70. If the driver completes the course, then they will not receive and additional punishment. The offer of the course is discretionary.
  • Prosecution – If your speed was considerably above the speed limit, or if you are at risk of disqualification, then the police will issue a summons requiring you to attend court. A court can ban you from driving and fine you up to £1000 for speeding.

What if I wasn’t driving?

The police need to prove that you were driving, and that your speed exceeded the speed limit.

If you were photographed by a speed camera, then the police need to serve the registered keeper of a vehicle with a Notice of Intended Prosecution. This will state where and when the speeding is alleged to have happened.

Later, the keeper will receive a Section 172 Notice asking them to provide details of the driver of the vehicle. Not replying is a criminal offence for which the keeper could be fined and have six points imposed on their driving licence. If you were not driving, you need to fill in the form and say who was.

How do the police decide on what is a speeding offence?

Though individual police forces can use their discretion, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) suggests the following when enforcing speed limits:

Speed Limit
Min. speed for a speeding ticket
Min. speed for prosecution

What can we do to help you?

If you have committed a speeding offence, the first question we will ask is whether the prosecution can prove the case against you.

If there is a realistic prospect of fighting the case, then we will advise you of this, and let you decide how you wish to proceed.

Should you decide that you should admit the speeding offence, we will guide you through the court procedure and represent you in court so that you receive the penalty that best suits your circumstances.

For further information or to speak to one of our expert motoring team call 0845 601 2664.

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