When can you apply for a Mental Health Tribunal if under detained under Section 2 of The Mental Health Act?

We have a large Mental Health Team who regularly represent clients that have been detained under Section 2 of The Mental Health Act. Section 2 runs for 28 days and in normal practice you must apply for a Tribunal within 14 days from the date you were sectioned. However, there are circumstances where this has not been possible, due to the paperwork not being sent to the Mental Health Act Administrator or the client not being given the correct information following detention. If this is the case and you have missed your 14 day deadline it may be that we could assist you by applying to the Secretary of State for an application to be made out of time. This would mean that you would still be able to appeal against your detention under Section 2 of The Mental Health Act.

If you require any assistance in respect of a detention under a section or issues with leave etc, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Mental Health Team to discuss matters further. For further information go to our website here.

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