We all need to be aware of the importance of providing full financial disclosure to the Court with regard to financial matters, recently through the Supreme Court judgement was handed down on two high profile cases of Sharland and Gohill. These landmark judgements redefine the law and clarify the procedure in cases where one party to a marriage or civil partnership alleges that the other has failed to make full and frank disclosure of their assets. In both these cases the financial issues where dealt with through the Court however both Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohill then discovered that their husbands had not given full disclosure. Their initial Consent Orders were set aside and they were both given considerably more assets from the family pot.

It is therefore extremely important for practitioners to make it very clear to their client that full and frank disclosure needs to be provided!

At Ringrose Law we understand the complexities of dealing with finances and divorces and we have a specialist team who can guide you through it. For further help or advice on an ancillary relief please contact a member of our family department at any of our offices in Lincolnshire and Newark.

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