What you need to know about how much being caught speeding could cost you under the new rules:

Speeding fines are changing in the UK from today, which under the new guidelines (http://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/offences/item/speeding-revised-2017/) could see you charged up to 175% of your weekly wage for a major offence or up to 50% for a minor breach of the speed limit. There is however a cap of £1,000 on minor speeding offences or up to £2,500 for major ones on the motor way.

Speeding Chart

As seen here the three band system will determine the severity of an offence and corresponds to different charges.

Band A – a minor offence which is for drivers who exceed the stated speed limit between one and 10mph. The charge can be between 25% – 75% of weekly income

Band B – Drivers who exceed the stated speed limit by 11mph up to 20mph. The charge can be between 75% and 125% per cent of weekly income

Band C – A major offences, which are for speed limit breaches of up 22mph and above. The charge will be between 125% and 175% of weekly income

In addition you could receive between three and six penalty points depending which Band the offence is in and for any motorist who has held their licence for less than two years, a band C offence is enough to lose the licence and face an immediate ban.

We can help

If you have committed a speeding offence, the first question we will ask is whether the prosecution can prove the case against you. If there is a realistic prospect of fighting the case, then we will advise you of this, and let you decide how you wish to proceed.

If you decide that you should admit the speeding offence, we will guide you through the Court procedure and represent you in court so that you receive the penalty that best suits your circumstances.

If you need expert legal advice then call Ringrose Law. We can be contacted on 01522 561020. We can offer a fixed fee appointment for £100 plus VAT.



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