It does seem that once Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, is the most popular time for parties to decide to separate.

Whilst we are in the third lockdown due to Covid, more families have been put under a lot of strain from having to spend more time at home, this can add to problems in the marriage and may result in couples deciding to separate and eventually divorce.

Going through divorce is stressful even in usual circumstances, however it is made a great deal harder during lockdown. Initially couples should try to agree between the two of them how they are going to deal with the divorce and the financial settlement. If they cannot agree between the two of them directly, they can attend Mediation together and hopefully reach an agreement, if that is possible the Mediator will provide them  with a written separation agreement which they can then both take to solicitors to deal with. If Mediation does not work then of course parties are entitled to instruct their own solicitors and full financial disclosure will be given in the hope that a financial agreement can be reached without the necessity of involving the Court. However, in some cases that is not possible and one party will make an application to the Court.

Court Proceedings

Court proceedings are still taking place even in the current situation. Lots of Hearings are being dealt with remotely either over the telephone or by video calls, occasionally and on very complex cases the Court is still conducting Hearings face to face.

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