Terms and Conditions for A Grand Idea

Terms and Conditions


  1. Only clubs, volunteer groups, community projects, organisations and charities can apply – this is not for individuals
  2. Previous winners are unable to enter into A Grand Idea again
  3. All applications must be genuine submissions, with supporting evidence available if requested.
  4. Full details of the project must be disclosed in the application form
  5. Ringrose Law, or employees of, can assist in providing a helping hand in the winning project, subject to the agreement of the winning organisation, which cannot be unreasonably withheld.
  6. The winning organisation must agree to complying with and taking part in promotional work arising out of their entry into and winning of the competition, at the request of Ringrose Law.
  7. All projects must be located either in Lincolnshire or Newark
  8. Winning monies MUST be spent on the project detailed. Satisfactory evidence must be provided to Ringrose Law of how the money has been spent.
  9. The money cannot be spent on wages or administration costs of the successful group.
  10. If you are unable to supply evidence of this within an agreed time frame then the donation must be returned to Ringrose Law
  11. The club/group has to be located within one of the office locations to be eligible to apply
  12. If the club/group no longer exists at the time of selecting a winning project this must be disclosed immediately
  13. Multiple voting from members of the public will not be counted. Ringrose Law holds the right to remove any duplicate votes during the voting process
  14. If a shortlisted group is using multiple votes for their project then they may face disqualification