Change of Name Deed

What is a Change of Name Deed?

Often people who are going through a divorce or separation wish to change their name back to their maiden name. To do this legally you need to complete and file a Change of Name Deed.

How long does it take for a Change of Name Deed?

Completing a Change of Name Deed can be very quick and, if urgently required, can take up to one week. However it is important to remember that all forms of identity will need changing once your name has changed, including your driving licence and passport.

Can I change my child/ren’s name with a Change of Name deed?

Changing a child’s name is an important decision to make, and should not be done out of callous or revenge against the other parent. A child’s surname is part of a child’s identity, however, if a child’s surname is to be changed an application to the Court is required.

For a parent being able to change a child’s name depends on whether or not they have Parental Responsibility for the child. If only one parent has Parental Responsibility for the child then they have the right to change the child’s surname without the other parents’ consent. However, it is courteous to try and contact the other parent; in this case we can do this for you.

If both parents have Parental Responsibility and can’t agree on the child’s name being changed then we can assist with this also, if the parents are not able to agree on a child’s surname then an application may have to be made to Court for a decision on what the child should be called.

What do I do next?

Whether you are considering this for you or your child we are happy to provide the best advice and guidance to you, from the simplest to the most complex situations, we have an expert time of family law specialists ready to help you. Contact a member of our family team at our offices in Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding & Newark.

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