Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

Lung cancer is one of the UK’s most common types of cancer.

Finding out you or a loved one has lung cancer is devastating. Both for the person with the diagnosis and their family.

For treatment to be successful, early diagnosis is vital. If your lung cancer is misdiagnosed, or diagnosed late, it can have a huge impact on the prognosis.

If you or a loved one has been victim to lung cancer misdiagnosis, Ringrose law can help. We can help claim compensation to pay for the best treatment and provide financial support to you and your family.

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Am I Eligible to Make a Claim For Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis?

Misdiagnosing cancer, diagnosing it late, or failing to diagnose it completely can happen for a number of reasons.

To make a successful claim for lung cancer misdiagnosis, we need to prove that medical negligence played a part. Medical negligence includes;

  • Your GP failing to recognise the symptoms of lung cancer
  • Delay or failing to refer you to a specialist for investigation
  • Failure to perform a biopsy
  • Misinterpreting the results of a biopsy, x-ray, CT scan and/or other tests
  • Defective or faulty testing equipment
  • Administration errors and failing to provide or schedule follow-up appointments
  • Errors during surgery
  • Your doctor wrongly giving you the ‘all clear’
  • Receiving treatment that fell below acceptable standards
  • Being told you had lung cancer and receiving treatment for it when you didn’t have it

To find out if you’re eligible to make a claim for lung cancer misdiagnosis, contact us today.

Common Misdiagnoses of Lung Cancer

The symptoms of lung cancer are often similar to other conditions. One of the most common is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).  also known as ‘Smokers Lung’. Many smokers develop COPD but very few go on to develop lung cancer. This means doctors sometimes dismiss lung cancer as COPD.

Lung cancer can also be misdiagnosed as other conditions, including;

  • Lung abscesses – a bacterial infection with the tissue of the lung(s)
  • Bronchial Pneumonia – an infection of the respiratory system
  • Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – cancer of the lymphatic system
  • Lung nodules – tissue masses on the lungs
  • Tuberculosis – a bacterial infection of the lungs

Misdiagnosing lung cancer can result in having receiving treatment for a condition you don’t have. This can not only be harmful, but while you’re receiving the wrong treatment, the cancer may still be progressing.

This could mean the cancer needs more aggressive treatment. In the worst cases, it could become terminal.

Can I Claim Even if I've Been a Smoker?


Smoking can increase your risk of developing lung cancer and other lung diseases. Regardless of whether you smoke or not, you’re entitled to receive the same level of care as anyone else.

If you’re the victim of misdiagnosis, you could still claim.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

All cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims are different. The amount of compensation you’re entitled to will depend on factors like;

  • How severe your illness is
  • How long your cancer went undiagnosed
  • The amount of pain and suffered you have experienced
  • Whether your misdiagnosis resulted in surgery to remove part of your lung(s)
  • The impact your misdiagnosis has had on your life
  • Loss of earnings, both past and future
  • Any ‘out of pocket’ expenses you have incurred
  • The cost of any ongoing care, treatment and support
  • Whether a loved one died

How Long Do Lung Cancer Claims Take?

The length of time your claim takes will depend on the severity and complexity of your case.

For us to claim the maximum amount of compensation, we need a full understanding of the consequences of your misdiagnosis.

This takes times.

If we settle too early, it could mean claiming less than you’re entitled to.

However, if the other side accepts liability early on, we could claim interim compensation payments. These will help cover the cost of immediate treatment and relieve any financial pressures.

Can I Make a No Win No Fee Claim?

We handle most lung cancer claims on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

This means you are never at financial risk. There is nothing to pay up front and you won’t pay if your claim is unsuccessful.

In successful claims, the other side pays most of the legal fees. Any other costs are deducted from your settlement.

Rest assured, we will always keep you up to date on fees so there aren’t any nasty surprises.

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Why Choose Ringrose Law?

At Ringrose Law, our motto is ‘Where Individuals Count’.

We understand that every person, their circumstances and needs are different. As a result, we take an individual approach to all the claims we handle.

Here’s what you can expect from our solicitors;

  • A dedicated and experienced solicitor – they will be your sole contact and represent you throughout your case, from start to finish.
  • Patience, kindness and compassion – we understand how frightening and traumatic lung cancer is. Not only on you but your wider family. We’ll treat you and your case with understanding and care.
  • Support when you need it – we’ll always keep you up to date and we’re always here to address any concerns you have. Where applicable, we can help you access the very best medical treatment, care and support.
  • The maximum amount of compensation – to make sure you receive you the best care and financial support, we’ll always claim the maximum amount of compensation.

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