Sunil Khanna

Sunil is a Director at Ringrose Law. Sunil is also Head of one of the largest Criminal Defence teams in Lincolnshire.

Sunil Khanna has been a specialist criminal lawyer since he qualified in 1993. Sunil is also a Higher Court Advocate, which allows him to represent clients personally in the Crown Court and beyond, rather than seeking the assistance of a Barrister.

As head of one of the largest Criminal Defence teams in Lincolnshire, Sunil’s aim is to ensure that all clients receive the best service possible, whatever the circumstances.

My team are available to advise clients under arrest 24 hours a day at all Police Stations in Lincolnshire. We also operate further afield when required. We all make this commitment to help our clients at all times to ensure the best representation.

Sunil Khanna
A courteous and sensitive attention to my needs and a totally professional response.
Criminal Defence Client
Director & Solicitor
t. 01522 561035
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